• Iopredman

    The creator is back

    September 24, 2017 by Iopredman

    Hello all,

    If anyone still frequents this wiki, I have returned to playing warblade after having forgot about it for a few years. I sort of stopped playing after I found out Edgar passed way. Rest In Peace. I started playing again recently, remembered that I made this website, and wow was I surprised to find out that the torch had been passed. Good job everyone and thank you for your work. If there are other people still around, I'd like to continue to improve this website into a full fledged walkthrough including guides for the 30 secrets, shields, beating the first 100 levels with 100000000 points, etc...

    This all being said, I made this website when I was like... 14? 16? I was young. I had no idea how common wiki formatting worked and hon…

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