A Warp Malfunction, in a one of the game's bonus levels. It is an enclosed space filled with a random number of Warp Guardians. These levels will appear randomly during a Warp. Each enemy will drop a Rank Marker upon its demise. It is possible to have multiple warp malfunctions stacked upon each other. For example, upon completing one, another will follow straight after. Unlike other levels, there is no time limit for you to complete the level in.

Aliens Edit

There are three main types of aliens that can appear during a warp malfunction. Whilst only one type of these can appear, there is no known limit to how many of them can appear.

  • Triangle Warp'ers
  • Pie Warp'ers
  • UFO Warp'ers

Completion Bonus Edit

As a Bonus Level, you might expect some kind of bonus. Technically there is no reward other than being able to progress back into the warp. Each alien however, drops a Rank Marker when it is destroyed.

Pros and Cons Edit

There are a few pros and cons to why you may want to encounter this bonus level.

Pros Edit

  • You can obtain Rank Markers upon destroying an enemy. (a level can have up to 10 aliens, that's 10 Rank Markers if you grab them all!).
  • There is no Time Limit for you to complete it within.

Cons Edit

  • Players usually relax their guard when they jump into Warp. A surprise attack can kill some players.
  • You cant progress to the shop until all enemies are defeated. With a low-class weapon and multiple enemies at once, this can take time.
  • It doesn't count as a proper level, so being defeated here means you are lost to space. (but your level count will be that of the previous level).